Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, a CSR Program:

  • A non-profit organization that is focused on enhancing entrepreneurial and leadership excellence in the Arab world in particular and the rest of the Muslim world in general.
  • It is a Corporate Social Responsibility program by the Savola Group and has grown into a collaborative initiative over the years, seeking further contribution from other Executive Education institutes, professional groups and global research and consulting firms.
  • It is located in the Madinah Knowledge Economic City (KEC) in the heart of Arab and Muslim world.


The current training and executive education institutes in the Muslim world are unable to contribute towards the growth and development of leadership competencies and skills both at government and corporate levels, considering the acute leadership deficit that has taken hold of the Arab and Muslim world. Hence, MILE is a unique strategic initiative that has emerged in the shape of a world class leadership and executive development institution, focused on abridging this gap.

MILE presents a business model that ensures the provision and sustainability of high quality, relevant and affordable development opportunities to our senior executives and high level business leaders in an attempt to build local intellectual capital.

MILE Destination (Vision)

MILE aims at becoming one of the top Executive Education institutes in the world as well as the premier entrepreneurship and executive education provider in the region. Its main motive is to help corporate leaders and senior executives in third world to succeed in the highly competitive business world.

Our Journey (Mission)

MILE plays a pivotal role in promoting and developing executive education through holistic and relevant life long services, effective use of information technology, continuous and sustainable enhancement of intellectual capital and collaboration with other institutions. The MILE's goal is to become industry leader when it comes to applying most ethical and advanced management practices.

KPI for 2020

MILE is striving to be ranked among top 50 Executive Education Institutes in the world by 2020.